My aim is to create a special value for people. The uniqueness of my service is that I change people’s perspective on managing their money Basically on how people manage their money and where they would possibly get if they managed their money in a different way.

My financial services include: 

  • Individual attitude
  • Achieving a future wealth for the client
  • Creating a new perspective
  • Assurance of future independence
  • Building up assets to gain passive income
  • Long term financial friendship
  • Regular update on situation
  • Free consultations

The system of my service consist of 3 main pillars:

  1. Analysis  – first meeting aims to get to know each other and is constructed into two parts. First part presents the service and added value to each client. In the second part we have a look at financial balance and concrete areas of client’s interest.
  2. Advisory – second meeting presents the financial plan which is designed to meet client’s needs and future aims, based on the information taken on the first meeting (Analysis)
  3. Servis – regular meetings to update the situation of a client and make changes to current portfolio if needed
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